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Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2018

Every day, bus, streetcar, paratransit, and ferry operators keep the RTA rolling. On March 16, we celebrate their hard work and dedication to safe transit. Join us in thanking all our transit operators at RTA!


Show Your Appreciation

There are lots of ways to show operators that you appreciate them. Click here for a Thank You card that you can print out and personalize for your bus or streetcar operator. 

For multiple copies of the Thank You card, click here

Meet Some of Our Amazing Drivers 

DavidDavid is a streetcar operator. He loves taking care of his customers. He’s often spotted telling jokes or making others laugh. He has been driving for 15 years and says he has one of the best jobs in the city. He loves his job and his passengers love him.
If he were an animal he’d be a fierce lion.
PamPam has been driving for 15 years. Her daughter loves her lasagna. She enjoys working a job where the pay is good. If she were an animal Pam would not be a chicken because she wouldn’t want to be eaten. Instead she would be a fish because they travel all through the sea.  
Meet Joel. He has been an operator for 17 years. He can be spotted early mornings walking his Pug “King.” In his free time he enjoys gardening. His favorite part of his job is helping customers. He’s known as “paw paw” to his 3 grandkids. Joel’s friendly nature and quick thinking once helped save someone’s life.
Meet Thaddeus. He has been an operator for 7 years. He loves life, culture and in his free time enjoys horseback riding and frequenting restaurants. If he were a Muppet he’d be Big Bird because he’s a gentle giant. Thaddeus is often going the extra mile to help a passenger in need.
Meet Ronnie. He’s been driving streetcars for almost 6 years. His favorite movie is Antoine Fisher. When he’s not working you’ll find this cool operator chilling. He loves seafood. The best advice he received from another operator was, “look up, look around and pay attention.
Jefferson has been an operator for 35 years
and all of his passengers know and love him.
They tell him they look forward to seeing his smiling face every morning. He’s a Deacon at his church, a member of Zulu and can also be found mentoring kids. As an operator his advice, pay attention to your training and take your time in everything you do. Don’t try to be a hero.
Meet Paulette. She has been a paratransit driver
for almost four years. Paulette's favorite part of
her job is interacting with her clients. When she
is not sharing her bubbly personality with clients,
she is taking care of her 12 year old Pomeranian,
Sam, or cheering on the New Orleans Saints in
the dome.

What Riders are Saying

Issac Duplessis is an operator on the St. Claude line who noticed a distressed woman at the bus stop while the St. Claude Bridge was raised. He took precaution, calling EMS to assist her. Well done, Issac Duplessis, well done indeed.
- T. Gray, Sr.

I was biking toward the CBD on Basin Street around 11 am. There was a bus that provided a comfortable amount of space, used their signal, and, in general, was a great driver around bikes...I really appreciate the way they did their job.
Sarah B.

Bus drivers are very, very nice. They wait if they see me down the street.
Rider on 102 - Gen. Meyer

I want to give a hearty Texas shoutout to your streetcar operators on the Riverfront route as they were AWESOME this past weekend.
Lisa D.

Thanks so much for having such friendly drivers, really makes a difference. 
Rachel M.

I was in New Orleans for a week, and I rode many streetcars. Your drivers all did a fine job.
Annie A.
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