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Jazzy Passes CANNOT be printed.

They will be mailed within 5-10 days of purchase.

We now offer digital Jazzy Passes that can be purchased and used on your smartphone, with our new GoMobile app! Click here to find out more!

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Jazzy Pass

Forget about bills and coins. Get in tune with the rhythm of New Orleans. Dip your Jazzy Pass into the fare machine on any RTA bus or streetcar, and you’re on your way. The Jazzy Pass is a card with a magnetic strip that lets you ride RTA buses and streetcars as much as you’d like during the period it is active. Here are some good reasons to buy a Jazzy Pass:

  • You don't need exact change.
  • You don’t need transfers.
  • Board quickly and find your seat.
  • Hop on and off buses and streetcars whenever you wish.
  • Save money when you ride a lot.
  • Feel like a local (whether you are one or not)

Types of Jazzy Passes

Length of Pass Cost
1-Day Pass $3
3-Day Pass $9
31-Day Pass $55

Where can I buy a Jazzy Pass?

  • Jazzy Passes can be purchased online and delivered directly to you in 5-10 days. Pay with credit cards, debit cards or e-checks, and set recurring purchases.
  • 1-Day Jazzy Passes can be purchased from the bus driver or streetcar conductor when you board. Only cash is accepted.
  • 1-Day, 3-Day and 31-Day Jazzy Passes are available from our RTA resale vendors.

Remember that each rider needs his or her own Jazzy Pass.

How do I use the card?

When you wish to begin using your Jazzy Pass, simply dip it into the fare machine at the time you board a bus or streetcar. The machine will activate your card. It will also stamp the back of your card with the time and date your Jazzy Pass expires.

You can now use the pass as much as you’d like throughout the RTA system until that time of expiration. Each time you get on board, simply dip the card into the fare machine.

When does my Jazzy Pass run out?

Our 1 Day Jazzy Passes will expire 24 hours from first use. If you are uncertain about when your Jazzy Pass will expire, just look at the stamp that the fare box makes on the back of your card at the time you activated it.

Is the Jazzy Pass a good value?

You will save money with a Jazzy Pass when you ride the RTA system a lot. Each one-way fare costs $1.25, so you will begin to save money when your Jazzy Pass costs less than the number of one-way fares you would have paid individually.

Length of Pass You will begin saving money on your...
1-Day Pass 3rd ride during the 1-day period
1-Day Pass cheaper then 1 gallon of gasoline
31-Day Pass 45th ride during the 31-day period