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Bike & Ride on the RTA Buses

All of our standard buses are equipped with bike racks. Feel free to take your bike along for the ride. RTA customers can bike to their closest bus stop and secure their bikes to the front of the bus on the bike rack for an easy way to get around town. Streetcars do not have bike racks, but you can bring a folding bicycle on board with you when properly folded up. You can also bring bikes aboard the ferry at anytime and secure them at the designated bike racks on board.

General information about Biking & Riding on the RTA buses:

New Orleans Biking New Orleans Biking


How to use Bike & Ride

  1. Wait at any bus stop with your bike. Please remove any loose items from your bike before the bus arrives.
  2. When the bus pulls up, go to the front of the bus where the bike rack is located.
  3. Unfold the bike rack which folds out forward, away from the bus.
  4. Lift up your bike and place it, front wheel first, into the wheel slot. When both slots are empty, use the slot closest to the bus first.
  5. The rack has a support arm in front of each wheel slot. Pull out the one in front of your bike and bring it over the front tire. Make sure everything’s secure. Do not lock your bike to the rack.
  6. Get on the bus and enjoy the ride. Keep an eye out for other riders using the bike rack as you may need to get out and move your bike so they can access their bikes.
  7. When you’re ready to get off, tell the driver to give you a moment to get your bike. Exit the bus at the rear like normal.
  8. Unhook the support arm, fold it down, and remove your bike. If there are no other bikes on the rack, please fold it up and secure it to the front of the bus.
  9. For safety, return to the curb with your bike and wait for the bus to pull out before crossing the street.

NOLA.com has created an informative video showing bike riders how to safely and quickly use the bike rack on one of our buses.


Lost Bikes

If you get off a bus and forget your bike on the bike rack, call the RTA Rideline at (504) 248-3900 for lost items.

If the bus has recently pulled away, the RTA will radio the bus driver and you may be able to pick up your bike when the bus makes its return trip. Lost bikes eventually come back to main RTA facility on Canal Street. Bikes are held for 30 days. After 30 days, lost bikes will be donated.

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