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Canal Street Ferry Terminal Project

Situated on the edge of the Mississippi River, the Canal Street Ferry Terminal allows passengers to access the Algiers Point ferry from the end of Canal Street. The terminal's location in New Orleans provides easy access to the Central Business District and the French Quarter for daily commuters and visitors. 
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The Project

The Regional Transit Authority is constantly improving the transit riding experience in New Orleans area. The new ferry terminal will replace the old one at the bottom of Canal Street with an enclosed, ADA-accessible terminal. Additionally, the new terminal will connect with the Bus and Streetcar systems, offering easier transfers to and from the Canal Street-Algiers Point ferry. 

To view the presentation from the Pedestrian Bridge Public Input Session held on February 19, 2018 at the Algiers Auditorium, click here

Ferry Rider Info

Ferry operation will continue throughout the duration of demolition of the current terminal and construction of the new terminal. A temporary, ADA-accessible landing barge will be located at the wharf behind Aquarium of the Americas. Ferry schedules will not be affected. 
Comments and Questions About the Ferry Terminal.  
Comments and Questions About the Pedestrian Bridge.  

For ferry routes, schedules, and fares, visit http://www.norta.com/Maps-Schedules/New-Orleans-Ferry or call 504-376-8233.

New Terminal Benefits

The new terminal has several benefits for the riding experience including easier accessibility to and from the Canal Street-Algiers Point ferry. Below are just some of the new features that will benefit riders. 

  • A new wharf will "connect" adjacent wharves from 360-degree ADA accessibility
  • New terminal will integrate the Bus and Streetcar systems for easier transfers
  • New gangway canopies will offer riders protection from inclement weather
  • A pedestrian bridge will allow riders easy and safer access the terminal

Input Session

Check back often to see what input sessions and public meetings are scheduled. 
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