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New Technologies

The RTA is dedicated to technological improvements on all of its bus, streetcars, and ferries. New technologies enhance the transit experience by providing new ways to provide information to riders as they plan their day-to-day commute. Additionally, these technologies help the RTA in collecting data that aids in scheduling, safety training, and general operations.

Below are some of the new technologies that have been implemented throughout the RTA system in 2018.


The Computer Aided Dispatch / Auto Vehicle Locator (CAD-AVL) provides dispatchers and supervisors with a clear, real-time picture of the location and status of every vehicle in-service. This gives our team the ability to react quickly to service disruptions in real-time. The CAD-AVL also links to the RTA’s new GoMobile 2.0 app, which provides riders with real-time time tracking information for buses and streetcars down to specific stops.  


GoMobile 2.0

The GoMobile 2.0 app allows riders to purchase all fare and pass types, including single ride fares. Additionally, the app provides real time tracking information for buses and streetcars as well as Trip Planner which lets riders find the easiest way to reach their destination using transit. The app also provides up-to-date service alerts along all routes.

Real Time Tracking

Transit Tracker

RTA has launched a new and improved Transit Tracker text system. The updated tracker improves the riding experience by providing real time information to riders who text the system. Our new bus and streetcar stop signs reflect the updated text number.
Using the Transit Tracker is easy! Just follow a few simple steps and you're on your way!
  • Open a new text message in your phone
  • Text NORTA# followed by the Stop ID to 41411
  • Wait for a response from the system. It will instantly respond with real time arrival information on the next bus or streetcar.

Transit Accessibility Features

Our goal at the RTA is to make transit accessible to everyone. On all buses and streetcars, there are now LED signs at the front of the vehicles detailing stop information. This signage helps deaf and hard-of-hearing riders identify the current and following stops.
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