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Photo and Video Policy

Here at the New Orleans RTA, we are proud of our city and our transit system. You are welcome to take pictures and video of the system and of the sights you see when riding it. 

We ask that you use compact, handheld cameras when you’re taking pictures or video, because large equipment can bother other riders and create safety issues. We also ask that you restrict your filming to only the public areas of the RTA system. 

Here are some other points to keep in mind about taking pictures and video when using the RTA system:

  • Images and video you take may only be used for personal use. For professional and commercial use, please visit our Commercial Film and Photography Requests page.
  • Extra equipment like cables, lighting rigs, and tripods are not allowed.
  • Don’t block aisles or get in the way of people getting on and off busses and streetcars.
  • Don’t block the path of busses and streetcars.
  • Watch out when backing up to get a wider view. You could fall or step into traffic.
  • Don’t take flash pictures of RTA drivers.
  • Follow any instructions from RTA drivers about what is or isn’t OK about photography and video on the RTA system.
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