Algiers Point-Canal Street Ferry Updates

Action Item Completion Date/
Estimated Completion Date
Conduct independent review of new vessels 8/12/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Issue RFP for a new ferry maintenance and operations contract 8/13/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Hold joint consultation with U.S. Coast Guard 8/14/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Meet with potential new bidders for ferry contract 9/23/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Hire project management firm to ready the vessels for final U.S. Coast Guard inspection 10/1/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Project manager completes review of marine survey and punch list items Est. 10/14 - 10/21/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
RTA board gives approval to procure a new, independent marine surveyor as recommended by project manager* 10/22/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Commence work to address punch list items Est. 10/21/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Marine surveyor begins work* 11/5/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
RTA CEO holds community update* 11/19/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
RTA inspects vessel 12/10/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
RTA Board of Commissioners selects new contractor for ferry service 12/9/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Algiers Point-Canal Street Ferry resumes service with charter vessel, Margaret Lab 12/15/2019 PinClipart-com_clipart-office-2010_227107.png
Ongoing discussions/planning with boat builder to address items addressed in Marine Survey* TBD PinClipart-com_clipart-geld_1456686.png
Request U.S. Coast Guard inspection TBD PinClipart-com_clipart-geld_1456686.png
Request to resume Certificate of Inspection for the Thomas Jefferson vessel* 1/10/2020 PinClipart-com_clipart-geld_1456686.png
RTA and Project Manager inspect RTA 1 and RTA 2 TBD PinClipart-com_clipart-geld_1456686.png
New vessels enter service TBD PinClipart-com_clipart-geld_1456686.png

Note: This schedule is intended to be an informational guide only. The RTA will make adjustments to the timing of specific items as conditions change and more information becomes available.  
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