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Mardi Gras 2020 Social Media Toolkit

The RTA Social Media Toolkit was created for your agency to share in communicating key messages for getting around safe-n-easy during Mardi Gras 2020. We’ve developed creative assets and social media posts that you can drop right into on your social media platforms so that we can all message with one voice to the community about traveling safely and staying informed during the season. 

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RTA utilizes Facebook, Twitter (NewOrleansRTA & RTAforward), and Instagram to keep riders updated. 


We’re using the primary hashtag below throughout the Mardi Gras Season to alert riders of parade detours.

Creative Assets

Use the creative assets to share information. See our sample posts below and use them along with the creative. Assets mainly include graphic art, text art, and photographs. 

Example Social Media Images

Parades  Parade Graphic

Endymion  Parade Map


To view and download RTA creative assets for Mardi Gras, click here.

Sample Posts

Here’s where it all comes together. Share posts that connect your agency’s programs and efforts during Mardi Gras to the RTA’s impact on making transit safe-n-easy during Mardi Gras. Feel free to get creative as you engage the community to participate in creating a safe, community-friendly Mardi Gras 2020.

Let the good times roll...during #MardiGras2020. With a busy week of parades in #NOLA, getting around safe-n-easy during parade season is the goal. See detours at RTAforward.org/Mardi-Gras.


The 2020 Mardi Gras Guide has all the info you need to get around safe-n-easy during #MardiGras2020. Pick one up on your bus or streetcar, or check it out online at RTAforward.org/Mardi-Gras.


All #MardiGras2020 parade detours start 2 hours before the parade begins and remain in place until cleanup crews clear the parade route. Let the good times roll safe-n-easy #NOLA! #RTAMardiGras


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