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CTCP Construction Complete, Intersection Opens to Traffic

On Monday, December 4th, the Canal Street-City Park Avenue-Canal Boulevard intersection opened to traffic since completely closing in late August. It marked the end of construction for the Cemeteries Transit Center Project which began on July 31, 2017.

“We finished construction on time and under-budget,” said Martin Pospisil, Director of Infrastructure at Transdev, in service to the Regional Transit Authority. “We had a few weather events that could have slowed us down, but the RTA, the contractors, and the sub-contractors all worked diligently to make sure we didn’t fall behind schedule.”

Pospisil mentioned that the main priority of the transit center is safety. Before the project, streetcar riders had to cross an often-busy City Park Avenue to catch an RTA or Jefferson Transit bus transfer. Walking across the avenue was often risky with limited traffic lights and no pedestrian signals.

“Our priority is to ensure our riders safely get where they need to go,” stated Pospisil.

The Canal-Cemeteries Streetcar line will now turn onto City Park Avenue, then turn onto Canal Boulevard to meet buses at the transit center. Formerly, the streetcar tracks on Canal Street ended at City Park Avenue. Additionally, covered walkways and shelters will provide protection for riders during inclement weather.

Safety testing for the streetcar began at the end of November. During the month of December, a variety of safety tests on the tracks and catenary system will be conducted. Bus and streetcar lines impacted by the project will remain on detour until safety testing is complete. Lines impacted are expected to return their pre-project routes around Sunday, January 7, 2018.

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