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Service Alerts

Line 84- Galvez Detour


Detour due to construction at the intersection of Caffin St. and Prieur St. Line 84 will detour as follows:
From Caffin St. to Roman then Flood to Claiborne and back to the regular route.

Line 32 - Leonidas


The # 32 (Leonidas) on detour due to street work. Leaving Audubon Park: Carrollton to left on Jeannette to left on Cambronne to Willow.

Leaving City Park: Left on Willow to left on Cambronne to right on Jeannette to right on Carrollton.

Line 114 - General De Gaulle


Revised Detour:
INBOUND: From Woodland/Gen. Degaulle, continue on Woodland to left on Berkley to right on Kabel to left on McArthur to left on Holiday Dr. to regular route.

Line 84 - Galvez


Due to construction outbound on Mazant, between Galvez and Johnson, line 84 - Galvez will detour from Galvez to right on France to right on Prieur to left on Mazant to regular route.

Line 55 - Elysian Fields


Line 55 - Elysian Fields will detour outbound from Canal to right on Rampart to St. Claude to right on Elysian Fields to u-turn at Decatur to regular route.

Line 91 - Jackson-Esplanade


Line 91 - Jackson-Esplanade
Outbound: Okeefe to right at Girod to left at Carondelet to left at Poydras to Regular route.
Inbound: Rampart to right at Perdido to left at Loyola to left at Girod to regular route.

Line 201 - Kenner Loop


Due to street construction inbound at 31st and Huntsville, line 201 - Kenner Loop will detour from 31st to right on Huntsville to left on 30th to left on Tupelo to right on 31st to regular route.

Line 10 - Tchoupitoulas, Line 11 - Magazine, Line 16 - S. CLaiborne/Poydras


Due to construction inbound on Camp between Common and Canal, lines #10, 11, and 16 will detour as follows:
Line 10 - Tchoupitoulas
From Poydras and Camp, continue on Poydras to right on Carondelet to right on Canal to regular route.
Line 11 - Magazine
From Camp to left on Poydras to right on Carondelet to right on Canal to regular route.
Line 16 - S. CLaiborne/Poydras
From Poydras to left on Carondelet to right on Canal to regular route.

Line 94 - Broad


Line 94 - Broad out of service on Broad at Washington.