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"Biggest Loser"

The Transdev group called Communication Passion Respect (CPR) is a diverse group of employees on a mission to uplift co-workers, improve transit, and be a light to our community.

The CPR held a “Biggest Loser” contest between June 1st and August 31st 2014 to promote healthy living within the work place. Each team had six members and a team captain and had to pay a $70 group entrance fee to go towards winning a prize of the collected fees.

The winners were called “Golden Girls”, which included Pam Henderson, Kim Simmons, Shelia Buggage, Wanda Diggins, Tanora Butler, Lois Artisan and team captain Charmaine Jackson. 

Employee Spotlight

RTA Bus Operator, Donald Tucker, wins prestigious industry award

Mr. Donald Tucker, RTA bus operator, won 2nd Place in this year's American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) International Roadeo. On May 22, Memphis hosted APTA's 2011 International Bus Roadeo.

With more than five hundred attendees, 38 public transportation operators around the United States competed for a prestigious title. Obstacles involved safe driving skills through a seven minute course and maintenance discipline challenges. Donald Tucker placed second in the operator's 40-foot bus driving challenge.

Donald Tucker placed second in the operator’s 40-foot bus driving challenge. "In all my 11 years of competing, training for the competition has perfected and sharpened my skills for my daily work. The Roadeo has given me better skills as an operator," Tucker stated.He added, "The best part is being able to meet transit operators from across the US and bringing bragging rights home to New Orleans and the RTA." Challenges exemplifying operator’s skills included pre-trip inspection, obstacle course, safety habits and smoothness of operations.

Operator Tucker demonstrates all of these skills every day as he safely transports his riders around New Orleans. With 25 years of service to the RTA, Operator Tucker boasts a record of safe driving and exceptional service. Tucker enjoys his role moving people to their destinations and recognizes the importance of reliable transportation. Without him, and the many other bus and streetcar operators who serve this community, the citizens of New Orleans could not go where their lives take them.

Congratulations to Donald Tucker for representing the RTA and bringing home the trophy!

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