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Community Outreach

RTA aims to engage with communities throughout the New Orleans region to make collaborative decisions on public transit services and investments. Specifically, we try to remain in constant dialogue with RTA passengers, other residents (even those who do not regularly ride RTA vehicles), and community groups such as non-profit organizations, churches, and neighborhood associations. In all interactions with community members, we strive to be inclusive, transparent, proactive, and responsive.
If you would like a member of the RTA team to attend your community event, please contact:  Jennifer.brady@transdev.com or call 504-827-8325
Community Outreach

Every month, RTA submits a community outreach report to the RTA Operations Committee. Below is a list of monthly reports.
Month Report
January 2018 View Report
February 2018 View Report
March 2018 View Report
April 2018 View Report
May 2018 View Report
June 2018 View Report
July 2018 View Report
August 2018 View Report
September 2018 View Report
October 2018 View Report
November 2018 View Report
December 2018 View Report
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