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Downtown Transit Hub

RTA is seeking public comment on the proposed Downtown Transit Center Hub location. The recommended locations are resulting from an RTA-commissioned study. RTA will hold a public meeting to receive feedback from the community. 

The goal of the study was to enable safe, comfortable, and convenient connections between buses and between buses and streetcars, while also providing opportunities for economic growth and community revitalization.

After completion of in-depth analysis, which included significant community input, the study identified four potential primary sites based on facility design (rider and community experience), location, implementation, and RTA service impacts:


  • Basin Street

    The Basin Street site would occupy up to three blocks of the Basin Street neutral ground, from Canal Street to Conti Street. It was identified as a potential transit center site due to its sufficient size and proximity to Canal Street. The advantages to this site is it has minimal, pedestrian-bus-traffic conflicts, site in public realm, history of transportation use, accommodates current and future needs, ties in with the bike network, flexibility to allow for alternate layouts, allows for an enclosed structure and potential for iconic design.

  • Basin-Rampart Hybrid

    This alternative combines a version of the two block-layout along Basin Street with the northern half of the layout on Rampart. The advantages to this site it has the most flexible design accommodating current system and future expansion, centrally located: downtown employment, activity and transit, site in public realm, adjacent to Canal Streetcar spine, can accommodate enclosed structure at Basin, and does not impact businesses on lake side of Rampart Street.

  • Duncan Plaza

    The Duncan Plaza site, occupies the space between the park area of Duncan Plaza and the walk of the parking garage that extends between Gravier and Perdido streets. It was identified as a potential transit center site due to its large size, its potential availability, and proximity to major employment sited in downtown. Other advantages identified, it’s near office core, convenient to City Hall, can accommodate enclosed structure, and has Transit Oriented Development potential.

  • Rampart Street

    The Rampart Street site consists of the block between Canal Street and Common Street, one block south of Basin Street/Elk Place. Advantages of this alternative is that it is centrally located: downtown employment, activity and transit, site in public realm, accommodates current and future needs, and is adjacent to Canal Streetcar spine.

Public Meeting

The community is encouraged to attend the Riders Advisory Committee Meeting on March 4th at 5:30 pm. The meeting will be held in the board room at the RTA building located at 2817 Canal Street. If you unable to attend the meeting, please provide comments using the form below by the survey deadline of March 11, 2020.

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