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About the RTA

The Regional Transit Authority gets people moving around New Orleans. Our transit services bring hard-working commuters to their jobs, students to their schools, and fun-seekers to entertainment, shopping areas, and restaurants.

We provide mobility to residents of the city as well as to large numbers of tourists, taking them to and from their hotels to historical neighborhoods and countless attractions. In fact, many visitors (and locals) ride the RTA’s iconic streetcars simply for the fun of it. In this way, the RTA is a destination in itself. Our streetcars and buses are both a symbol of the city and an essential part of it.

At present, the RTA system includes four streetcar lines and 32 bus routes, and we offer special paratransit services to the disabled. Our vehicles cover 14,000 miles each day, and our passengers take almost 12 million rides every year.


Provide safe and dependable mobility services.


Become the preferred mobility provider in the region.


  • Earn Trust
  • Be Equitable
  • Prioritize the Rider Experience
  • Be Reliable
  • Connect to Opportunities
  • Support a Sustainable, Healthy Region
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