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RTA and Lighthouse Louisiana Assistance Card Program

RTA & Lighthouse Louisiana Partner to Help Disabled Community Use Public Transportation


What:                 The Assistance Card Program will benefit riders of public transportation who are blind,
                           Deaf-blind, or have low vision by helping them communicate their transportation needs
                           to RTA drivers.

When:                Launching Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Where:               Across the RTA system

Why:                  The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA), in partnership with local disability
                           advocacy nonprofit organization Lighthouse Louisiana, is excited to announce the
                           launch of the Assistance Card Program. This program benefits riders of public
                           transportation who are blind, Deaf-blind, or have low vision.

                           The program is part of an on-going collaboration with RTA to increase the accessibility
                           of both bus and street car systems for people with sensory disabilities.  The
                           color-coded cards make it easier for riders to communicate their needs, while
                           reminding the transit operators how to help them get to the right destination.   

                           The Assistance Card Program is modeled after similar programs across the country
                           that have proven to be successful. All of RTA’s 350+ public transportation operators
                           will have received in-depth training from Lighthouse Louisiana on how to use the
                           Assistance Cards and how to provide reasonable accommodations to riders who
                           have vision and/or hearing loss.

                           Renee Vidrine, President of Lighthouse Louisiana, applauded the RTA in its
                           continued efforts to become a fully accessible transportation system for the
                           New Orleans community, “RTA’s support in delivering accessible public transit
                           access to all citizens and tourists is vital to the continued growth of New Orleans
                           as a world class destination for business and tourism. We look forward to
                           continuing to work with RTA and with the city to ensure equal access to residents
                           and visitors.”

                          “Making our transportation system accessible to everyone is a key part of our
                           commitment to our community,” said Dr. Jared Munster, RTA’s Executive Director.
                           “We are excited about this partnership with Lighthouse Louisiana. Adding the
                           Assistance Card Program is another way the RTA can make it easier for people
                           with disabilities to use our system.”

                           Assistance cards are available at Lighthouse Louisiana (123 State Street)
                           and the RTA offices (2817 Canal Street). Brailled cards are available upon request
                           from Lighthouse Louisiana. For more information regarding the Assistance Card
                           Program, please call Lighthouse Louisiana’s Vision Rehabilitation Services at
                           504-899-4501 x 269 or Call RTA’s Ride Line at 504-248-3900.

                           Funding for this initiative was provided by The Greater New Orleans Foundation
                           through their “Pitch It” Innovation Challenge.                                                                                                                     


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