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Transdev Team to Volunteer for Connect the Crescent


Transdev, in service to the RTA, will help paint bike panes for Bike Easy's Initiative

What: Transdev, the private-operating partner of the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), will be helping direct traffic, measuring, and painting bike lanes for Bike Easy’s Connect the Crescent initiative.
When: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 • 9:30am – 12:30pm
Where: Corner of St. Louis Street & Basin Street
Why: Connect the Crescent, hosted by Bike Easy, which is an array of community partners, and lots of enthusiastic volunteers (like our folks from Transdev) who will install a series of biking, walking, and transit renovations to show how our streets can be made to work for New Orleans residents. The goal is to help create safe streets for our community.
Transdev, in service to the RTA, supports Bike Easy’s goal of demonstrating a continuous, protected transportation network. The network will consist of enhanced crosswalks, improvements to transit, and protected bikeways which feature barriers separating people biking from automobile traffic on routes leading to and through New Orleans’ French Quarter and Central Business District.

This transportation network will be experienced by tens of thousands of residents and visitors. Transdev shares in Bike Easy’s hope that Connect the Crescent’s safety, accessibility, convenience, and community programming lead to permanent infrastructure improvements across New Orleans and the region.

The public is invited to join in the volunteer effort. To sign-up, go to and click on “sign-up to volunteer”. 

To learn more about Transdev, visit:

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