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RTA extends its face mask requirements

Today, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) extended its face mask requirement while riding buses, streetcars, ferries, and paratransit vehicles, through March 18, 2022. This extension corresponds with the announcement made today by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

The RTA originally instituted a mask requirement for passengers on agency vehicles during the Spring of 2020. While this announcement extends the date of enforcement, all other aspects of the requirement remain unchanged, including exemptions and civil penalties. Failure to comply may result in denial of boarding or removal. The refusal to wear a mask is a violation of federal law and passengers may be subject to penalties under federal law.

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2020 AT 1:00 P.M.

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority does hereby certify that it is unable to hold a Commission meeting under regular quorum requirements due to Covid-19. On authority of the Governor under Section 2 of Proclamation Number 84 JBE 2020, the next Commission meeting will be held via telephone and/or video conference on Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM. All efforts will be made to provide for observation and input by members of the public.

  1. 1. Call to Order
  1. 2. Roll Call
  1. 3. Consideration of Meeting Minutes (September 10, 2020)
  1. 4. Committee Chairman’s Report
  1. 5. RTA’s Chief Executive Officer’s Report
  1. 6. Chief Financial Officer’s Report
  1. 7. Regional Transfer Centers & Mobility Hubs
  3. 8. Assignments of Contracts from Transdev to RTA
  4.     a. Egle LLC
  5.     b. ADT Commercial
  6.     c. Al’s Pest Control Service Inc.
  7.     d. Thyssen Kruupp Elevator Corporation
  8.     e. GH Mechanical Services LLC
  9.     f. ABT – Products & Services LTD for Clever Device hardware maintenance
  10.     g. Goodyear Tire Service & Rubber Company
  1. 9. Procurement Items
   10. Cooperative Endeavor Agreement
Downtown Development District (DDD) – Shelter Cleaning 
  2. 11. New Business
  4. 12. Audience Questions & Comments
PLEASE NOTE: Persons wishing to submit public comments must either enter their full name in the chat sections of the Zoom meeting to provide comments during the meeting or email your comments to to have your comments read aloud at the meeting.
  1. 13. Adjournment
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