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RTA extends its face mask requirements

Today, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) extended its face mask requirement while riding buses, streetcars, ferries, and paratransit vehicles, through March 18, 2022. This extension corresponds with the announcement made today by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

The RTA originally instituted a mask requirement for passengers on agency vehicles during the Spring of 2020. While this announcement extends the date of enforcement, all other aspects of the requirement remain unchanged, including exemptions and civil penalties. Failure to comply may result in denial of boarding or removal. The refusal to wear a mask is a violation of federal law and passengers may be subject to penalties under federal law.

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How to do Business with RTA

Become an RTA Vendor

The Regional Transit Authority has launched a new ProcureWare procurement system allowing vendors to easily register with the RTA.

Business owners can use ProcureWare, a procurement software system, for easy registration with the RTA.  Vendors can view all RTA’s solicitations for work, access documents and submit bids/proposals. Along with receiving email updates, vendors have a forum to inquire and obtain information quickly, register for events and view awards. Once registered, vendors are notified about opportunities they may qualify for.

For instructions on how to register and bid, click here

For instructions in Spanish, click here. For instructions in Vietnamese, click here

Independent Registered Muncipal Advisor

Additionally, RTA has retained an independent registered municipal advisor. To view the Notice of Engagement of Independent Registered Muncipal Advisor (IRMA) announcement, click here.

About RTA Procurement

The RTA frequently hires local and national businesses to work on projects that improve our fleet and increase services for our ridership. Projects include everything from streetcar rail expansions to vehicle maintenance, from operations management to marketing initiatives.

The Procurement Department at the RTA serves as the connection between various RTA departments and companies wishing to bid on projects and provide their goods or services. See current procurements.

Here is a general overview of the procurement process:

  • The RTA department submits their requirements to the Procurement Department for review.
  • The Procurement Department seeks approval from the RTA board to solicit.
  • The RTA posts a notice on this website and local newspaper to solicit bids from interested companies. We may also directly contact registered vendors who we think may be qualified.
  • Companies prepare and submit their bids and project proposals.
  • If it is an IFB the lowest responsive/responsible is sent to the RTA Board for a vote and approval of selection.
  • If other than and IFB, an appointed evaluation committee evaluates all proposals in a public forum.
  • The evaluation committee makes a recommendation as to which company should be awarded the project and sends the recommendation to the RTA board for a vote and approval.
  • The RTA sends a purchase order to the winning company and work begins. 

Required Forms

The RTA invites you to register your company as a vendor. When you register, we will contact your company about opportunities for which it may be qualified.

Vendor Forms:

Participant Information Form

2011 Revised No Change Affidavit

Certification of Restrictions on Lobbying

Non-Collusion Affidavit

Consultant Questionnaire Form (PDF)

Consultant Questionnaire Form (Word)

Ceritificate for Compliance with section 165

Buy America Certificate for Compliance

Buy American Certificate for Non-Compliance

Certificate on Primary Debarment

Certificate On Debarment - Lower Tier

Affidavit of Notice of Fee Disposition

DBE Form 1 - Contract Participation and DBE Commitment

DBE Form 2 - DBE Participation Questionnaire

DBE Form 3 - Documentation of Good Faith Efforts

DBE Form 4 - DBE Participation Plan (for RFPs and RFQs Only)

Uniform Certification Application

Acknowledgment and Authorization of Executive Session

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