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Streetcar Charters

The RTA's streetcars are charming, attractive, and timeless, so it's no surprise that groups and individuals often wish to book them for private events. Our streetcars are available for:

If you would like to charter a streetcar for a commercial photography shoot or for filming, please visit our Commercial Film and Photography Requests page.

How much does it cost to charter a streetcar?

Charters start at $1,000 per trip and price can vary depending on the requested itinerary. Each time a streetcar leaves the station counts as an individual charter. For example, a charter to a destination with a pickup later in the day with a return trip to a second destination would be two charters.

How far in advance can I book a streetcar charter?

Typically, streetcar charters are booked up to a year in advance.

What are the routes?

Streetcars along all of RTA's lines are available for charter.

Streetcar line Standard Route Duration Capacity
St. Charles Avenue Departs from designated stop along the line
To St. Charles Avenue
To Canal Street
Returns to designated location 
1 hour 45 minutes 52 seated or 75 standing
Canal Streetcar (Cemeteries) Departs Canal Station at 2817 Canal St.
To Harrah's Casino
To Canal/Cemeteries
Return to Canal Station
1 hour 30 minutes 40 seated or 75 standing
Canal Streetcar (City Park) Departs Canal Station at 2817 Canal St.
To Harrah's Casino
To Beauregard Circle at City Park
Return to Canal Station
1 hour 30 minutes 40 seated or 75 standing
N. Rampart/St. Claude Ave.
Departs Canal Station at 2817 Canal Street
To Elks Place
To Union Passenger Terminal
To Canal Street
To Elysian Fields
Return to Canal Station
1 hour 40 seated or 75 standing
Riverfront Departs Canal Station at 2817 Canal St.
To Riverfront (French Market Station)
To Churchill
To French Market Station
Return to Canal Station
1 hour 40 seated or 75 standing

Does my charter have to follow a standard route?

No, you can choose your own pick-up and drop-off locations along the route. For example, if you are booking a charter for a wedding, you may choose to have the streetcar pick up your wedding guests at a hotel and then drop them off at a church for the ceremony. 

But please keep in mind:

  • If your group chooses to use the streetcar for only a portion of the trip, the full  price must still be paid.
  • The streetcar can only drop off or pick up passengers at the agreed-upon locations. It cannot stop along the route.
  • Each chartered trip must be completed in one single block of time. So for example, if you want a streetcar that carried guests to a church for a ceremony to return an hour later in order to bring them back to the hotel, the return trip would count as a second charter and cost another trip.

Are food and drink allowed on chartered streetcars?

Yes, guest may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages on chartered streetcars. Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, however, are not permitted. In addition, only paper or plastic containers (no glass or metal) are permitted on streetcars. 

Smoking is not allowed on streetcars.

Can I decorate the chartered streetcar for my event?

Yes, you can decorate the streetcar you're chartering. The streetcar will be available an hour before departure time if you wish to decorate it. To make decorations easy to remove once the trip is over, all attachments must be made with string. Adhesive sprays, stickers, or anything that would damage the streetcar's finish cannot be used. In addition, the RTA may disallow any signs or decorations that we think are inappropriate.

Terms and Conditions of Charters

  • The RTA requires a deposit of 10% of the total cost to reserve your date. Your booking is confirmed only once the RTA receives your deposit.
  • Charter requests must be received 4 weeks prior to the requested charter date. Any charter requests received in less time may not be granted for the requested date. 
  • The remaining balance is due 3 weeks before the date of your scheduled charter.
  • If your plans change, you may cancel your charter and receive a full refund. Your deposit will be the cancelation fee if you cancel your booking later than two (2) business days prior to the charter date. So if your charter is scheduled for a Sunday, you must cancel by Wednesday to avoid the cancelation fee.
  • Accepted payment forms are a cashier's check, a certified check, or a money order. Please make checks payable to “Regional Transit Authority.”
  • The individual who signs the contract agreement with the RTA must be at least 18 years of age.
  • We want our passengers to have fun and expect everyone to be safe and courteous. If the conductor finds that passengers are acting unruly or dangerously, the chartered trip will end immediately, and no refund will be given.
  • The person chartering the streetcar is responsible for any injuries and damages that result from passengers' behavior.
  • The RTA allows up to two charter bookings per day.
  • You and your guests are responsible for loading and unloading any equipment or personal possessions. We just do the driving.
  • If you are booking the streetcar for a city tour, you need to supply your own tour guide. Again, we just do the driving.
  • The RTA isn't responsible for any items left on the streetcar. Still, left-behind items often find their way to our Lost and Found Department. You can reach this department at (504) 827-8399. Be prepared; provide a detailed description of what you're missing.
To charter a streetcar, fill out the form here and the RTA will contact you about your charter request.
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