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Canal Street Ferry Terminal Project


The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority broke ground on the new Canal Street ferry terminal project October 2020. The groundbreaking kicks off a two-year redevelopment project replacing the existing terminal with a smaller, modern, ADA compliant terminal and bridge. Once completed, the new terminal will create a seamless Riverfront connecting Audubon Aquarium to Spanish Plaza. Construction is anticipated to be completed by Summer 2022 with no major impacts to current ferry and transit services expected.

CSFT1.pngView of the new Canal Street Ferry Terminal from Canal St. 

The project will focus on opening the Riverfront and re-envisioning the connectivity between all transit modes to provide safe, reliable connections for riders. With the current terminal beyond its useful life and there no longer being a need for vehicle access on the ferry, the agency has focused on designing a terminal geared towards passenger needs while accommodating the new RTA ferry vessels, RTA1 and RTA2. The new ferry terminal and pedestrian bridge will focus on providing better and safer accessibility to riders with limited mobility. The improved facility design will provide access to the terminal from above the railroad and streetcar tracks which run along the riverfront.

CSFT2.pngView of terminal from the Mississippi River

The total project budget is $43,541,062 and is funded by contributions from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Regional Transit Authority (RTA), City of New Orleans, and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD). The breakdown is as follows:

  • FTA TIGER FY 2015 = $12,211,492     
  • Other FTA Funding= $12,157,000            
  • Regional Transit Authority = $6,471,464  
  • City of New Orleans = $5,900,000  
  • Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development = $2,054,106  
  • Land Appraisal Value = $4,747,000 


The project will occur in three phases over the next two years.

Phase 1 (November 2020 – March 2021): Demolition of the Hammerhead/Pedestrian Bridge and Construction of Temporary Berthing


Phase 2 (April 2021 – July 2022): Construction of New Terminal, Bridge, Wharf, and Barge


Transit Services

Algiers Point Ferry: Ferry service will not be disrupted by the project. A temporary facility will be built in front of the Audubon Aquarium to allow for construction of a new terminal, pedestrian bridge, barge, and wharf. In order to not disrupt service, there will be a three-phase transition on passenger and public access. Wayfinding signage will be posted throughout the site to help guide the public.

Riverfront Streetcar Line (#2): The Riverfront Streetcar Line from the Terminal to Convention Center is closed for the Four Seasons Project and will remain closed for the duration of the Canal Street Ferry Project. The Four Seasons currently provides shuttle service to connect Canal Street to the Convention Center.

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