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Purchasing Options for All Fares and Passes 

RTA is committed to the safety of our operators and riders. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, RTA has reduced services and waived fares for bus, streetcar, and ferry to help mitigate the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to ride public transit for essential travel only and practice social distancing when riding. For more information on RTA's response to COVID-19, click here.

The RTA offers one way fare and express fare as well as a variety of pass options. Please note that fares and passes are only applicable to the New Orleans RTA system. They cannot be used in the Jefferson Transit (JeT) system. 

1. Purchase on the Bus or Streetcar

You can buy a one way fare for $1.25 or a one-day pass for $3 directly from your bus driver or a streetcar operator, using cash or exact change only.

2. Purchase with GoMobile App

Download the app to buy all fares and passes on your smartphone and ride instantly! Below are fare options, Jazzy Passes, Ferry Passes and Integrated Ferry, Bus and Streetcar passes offered on GoMobile

  1-Day 3-Day 5-Day 31-Day
Jazzy Passes (Bus & Streetcar) X X X X
Ferry Passes     X X
Integrated Passes (Ferry, Bus and Streetcar) X   X X

GoMobile Fare and Pass Prices

Type of Pass Price
Single-Ride Fare $1.25
Single-Ride Fare w/Transfer $1.50
Single-Ride Express Fare $1.50
Single-Ride Express Fare w/Transfer $1.75
Single-Ride Senior/Disabled Fare (ID Required) $0.40
Single-Ride Ferry Only Fare $2.00
Single-Ride Senior/Disabled Ferry Only Fare (ID Required) $1.00
Single-Ride Ferry Only Vehicle Driver Fare $2.00
Single-Ride Ferry Only Vehicle Driver Plus Trailer Fare $5.00
Single-Ride Senior/Disabled Ferry Only Vehicle Driver Fare (ID Required) $1.00
Single-Ride Senior/Disabled Ferry Only Vehicle Driver Plus Trailer Fare (ID Required) $4.00
Single-Ride Ferry Only Vehicle Additional Passenger Fare $1.00
1-Day Jazzy Pass $3.00
3-Day Jazzy Pass $9.00
5-Day Jazzy Pass $15.00
31-Day Jazzy Pass $55.00
5-Day Ferry Pass $18.00
31-Day Ferry Pass $65.00
1-Day Integrated Pass $7.00
5-Day Integrated Pass $30.00
31-Day Integrated Pass $105.00

3. Purchase Online 

Purchase in our online store. You can purchase the following tickets::

Type of Pass Price
1-Day Pass $3.00
3-Day Pass $9.00
5-Day Pass $15.00
31-Day Pass $55.00
10 One-Way Tickets $12.50

4.  Purchase at RTA Retail Vendor Locations

A number of stores across the city sell 1-Day, 3-Day and 31-Day Jazzy Passes, including all Walgreen’s locations in Orleans Parish. The RTA is continually signing up new business partners to sell Jazzy Passes, so check back often! 

To find a store near you that sells Jazzy Passes, click below.

5.  Purchase at Ticket Vending Machines (TVM)

  • There are four TVMs along the Canal Streetcar Line. They dispense 1- Day, 3-Day and 5-Day Jazzy Passes. TVMs can also dispense Stored Value Cards in the amounts of $10, $15 and $20. Currently, TVMs only accept cash.
  •  The locations for the TVMs are:
    •  2817 Canal Street
    •  Canal at N. Peters RTA Shelter
    •  Canal at City Park Ave. (Cemeteries) RTA Shelter
    •  Canal at Bourbon St. RTA Shelter

*There are other transit systems in the area, including Jefferson Express Transit (JeT) and St. Bernard Urban Rapid Transit (SBURT). These transit systems have their own ticketing and fare structure and systems. Your Jazzy Passes can only be used on vehicles operated by the RTA.

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