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RTA extends its face mask requirements

Today, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) extended its face mask requirement while riding buses, streetcars, ferries, and paratransit vehicles, through March 18, 2022. This extension corresponds with the announcement made today by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

The RTA originally instituted a mask requirement for passengers on agency vehicles during the Spring of 2020. While this announcement extends the date of enforcement, all other aspects of the requirement remain unchanged, including exemptions and civil penalties. Failure to comply may result in denial of boarding or removal. The refusal to wear a mask is a violation of federal law and passengers may be subject to penalties under federal law.

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RTA & JeT Regional Ride 

Easy Travel between Orleans and Jefferson Parishes!

The RTA/JeT Regional Ride allows riders to transfer easily from RTA vehicles in Orleans Parish (including Kenner) and JeT (Jefferson Transit) vehicles in Jefferson Parish.

The Regional Ride is $6 and can be used for unlimited rides for 24 hours on all RTA and JeT vehicles. 

Click here to view the Regional Ride Pilot Fare Equity Analysis.

Where to Get the Regional Ride 

The Regional Ride is available for purchase for $6 on all RTA and JeT vehicles. Additionally, riders can purchase the Regional Ride using the RTA GoMobile App with no additional fee. It is also available at RTA Ticketing Vending Machines. 

Regional Transfer Points

Below is a list of RTA bus routes that share some stops with specific JeT bus routes. Please note that not all RTA stop are serviced by JeT. Riders should use RTA Trip Planner or call our Customer Care Rideline at 504-248-3900 to figure out which stops to use when transferring between transit systems. 
Regional Transit Authority Jefferson Transit
10 - Tchoupitoulas W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
11 - Magazine W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
15 - Freret W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
16 - S. Claiborne W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
27 - Louisiana E1, E-2, E-4
28 - MLK W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
39 - Tulane E-2, E-3
57 - Franklin W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
60 - Hayne E1, E-4
62 - Morrison Express E-2
63 - New Orleans East 0WL E-2
64 - Lake Forest Express E-2
65 - Read/Crowder Express E-2
80 - Desire/Louisa E-2
84 - Galvez E-2
88 - St. Claude W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
90 - Carrolton E-3
91 - Jackson/Esplanade E1, E-4
100 - Algiers OWL W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
101 - Algiers W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
102 - Gen. Meyer W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
106 - Aurora W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
114 - Gen. De Gaulle W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
115 - Gen. De Gaulle W-2, W-3. W-8, WSL
What is the Regional Ride?


The Regional Ride will allow riders to transfer between RTA and JeT (Jefferson Transit) vehicles without paying separate fares. It can be used for unlimited rides on RTA buses/streetcars and JeT buses as well as unlimited transfers between the two systems for 24 hours.

How does the Regional Ride Pass work?

Riders purchase the fare from their bus/streetcar operator or on the RTA GoMobile 2.0 app. The fare is good for unlimited rides on both RTA and JeT vehicles for 24 hours. The fare will expire 24 hours after first use.

Where can I buy the Regional Ride?

The Regional Ride will be available beginning September 9, 2018. Riders can purchase it from their bus or streetcar operator, on the RTA's GoMobile app, or an RTA ticket vending machine.

How much does the fare cost?

The Regional Ride fare costs $6. If you are purchasing on a bus or streetcar, you must use cash. If you are purchasing on GoMobile 2.0, you can use a credit card.

Can an RTA Jazzy Pass be used as a regional fare?

No, RTA Jazzy Passes can only be used in Orleans Parish and on RTA vehicles in Kenner.

What transit rides are included in the Regional Ride fare?

Riders can use the fare on all RTA buses, RTA streetcars, and JeT buses. The fare cannot be used on the Algiers Ferry or Chalmette Ferry.

What parishes can you use the Regional Ride in?

The fare can only be used for public transit in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

Can I purchase a Regional Ride in advance?

Only on the RTA GoMobile 2.0 app. Fares and passes bought in the app are good for one year. The pass is not available for purchase online.

Will there be a reduced-price option for the Regional Ride?

No, the Regional Ride will not have a reduced-price option.

Will the Regional Ride be available on the Algiers or Chalmette ferries?

No, the Regional Ride will not be available for purchase or use on the ferries.

What happens if I lose my Regional Ride?

RTA and JeT are not responsible for lost or damaged fares or passes.

I bought the fare on GoMobile 2.0, but phone is broke. Can I trade a digitally-purchased fare for a physical fare?

No, purchases made on the GoMobile 2.0 app cannot be traded for physical fares or passes.

I accidentally bought a Jazzy Pass instead of a Regional Ride fare. Can I exchange it for a regional fare?

No, passes cannot be exchanged. In some cases, a refund can be requested. Click here to view our refund policy.

The farebox damaged my regional fare. What do I do?

In the event that your regional fare is damaged by the farebox, contact Rideline at 504-248-3900 to request a replacement.

How many riders does the Regional Ride cover?

The fare covers one rider. If you are traveling in a group between parishes, each individual rider will need their own regional pass.

Where can I find information on other fare options offered by the RTA?

Fare and pass options can be viewed here. For more information, contact Rideline at 504-248-3900 or send an email to

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