Return of Rampart Streetcar

Rampart Streetcar Line
Construction Frequently Asked Questions

The 46-Rampart-Loyola Streetcar Line has been out of service since the Hard Rock Hotel Collapse on Oct. 12, 2019. Several delays prevented the line from returning to service due a range of issues that included work by the RTA, the City of New Orleans, the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans and Entergy, as well as additional disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Ida.

After a few delays with competing construction projects and Mardi Gras, crews and contractors in February began rebuilding this modern transportation infrastructure, which includes the overhead catenary power lines and supporting poles. The construction phase was followed by six weeks of training and testing.

The line’s return is the most prominent component of the Summer 2024 Service Change, the second of three annual service updates RTA uses to improve service based on available resources, ridership and rider feedback. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the line, including what riders can expect.

When did the Rampart Streetcar Line launch?

Construction began in late 2014/early 2015, and the line launched in 2016 at a cost of $41.5 million, funded primarily with bonds. This line followed the launch of the Loyola Avenue line in 2013.

What is the line name and route number?

The official route name is Rampart-Loyola, route number 46.

What is the length and direction of the route?

The 1.6-mile route runs along St. Claude Avenue from Elysian Fields and continues as the street becomes Rampart Street to Canal Street.There it turns onto Canal Street for one block with transfers to the Canal Streetcar lines and then continues along Elks/Loyola Avenue line to the Union Passenger Terminal (UPT) by Howard Avenue.

What are the number and location of the stops?

All stops are located in the neutral ground and served in both inbound (toward Elysian Fields) and outbound (toward Union Passenger Terminal) directions.

Stops along Rampart and St. Claude that are re-opening include:
  • St. Claude at Elysian Fields

  • St. Claude at Pauger

  • N. Rampart at Esplanade

  • N. Rampart at Ursulines

  • N. Rampart at St. Ann

  • N. Rampart at Conti

Stops that it will share with the 49 UPT-Riverfront include:
  • Canal at S. Rampart

  • Tulane Station

  • Poydras Street Station

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

  • Julia Street Station

  • Union Passenger Terminal

Will bus service be impacted?

No. The existing bus service along the corridor will continue as currently scheduled.