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Passenger Amenities Program:
Better Bus Stops Project 

The RTA supported the Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO) to submit a successful application for the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s (GNOF) Next 100 Years Challenge. The funding received will support the development of an improved bus shelter design. The new design will reflect the needs of RTA riders and mitigate the climate hazards present in New Orleans. By developing a shelter design that considers how to protect riders from climate issues such as extreme heat and heavy rains, the RTA can better ensure transit access and provide safer waiting conditions for all riders. 

Every RTA transit trip begins with a walk and a wait at one of the RTA’s transit stops. For most RTA riders, this means being subject to challenging weather conditions, which can include extreme heat and heavy rains. Even at those stops that have a transit shelter, the current standard shelter may not do enough to protect riders from these weather conditions.  

In recognition of the need for more and improved transit shelters to better protect riders from climate hazards, the RTA partnered with the Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO) to apply to the GNOF Next 100 Years Challenge. With the funding received, CBNO will lead a robust engagement process with riders and transit stakeholders to:  

  • Understand rider needs for an improved transit shelter design 
  • Review the shelter prioritization matrix, which determines where shelters are placed
  • Review the processes used to site, approve, and install transit shelter 
  • Develop an application for federal funding to use to install more transit shelters 
The improved shelter design will be incorporated into the work the RTA is doing to improve the stops known as Mobility Hubs - these are stops where there is a high level of transit activity, including boardings, transfers and operator layovers. Read more about that project here

The Mobility Hubs Improvement Project will develop programming, design and construction of improvements for mobility hubs throughout the RTA system. These improvements will be responsive to feedback from riders, transit operator, and community members and will provide a more comfortable, safe and pleasant experience for stakeholders. Improvements may include changes to pedestrian crossings, shelters, signage, operator comfort stations and other aspects of mobility hubs. The classification system developed will support the design and deployment of amenities at mobility hubs throughout the network.

In the initial phases, the RTA will develop the classification system and produce programmatic concepts for six identified mobility hubs. The RTA will then develop preliminary and final designs for the mobility hubs and construct them as funding allows. The RTA anticipates being able to construct improvements for up to three hubs by 2026.

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