Documents & Reports

On this page you can learn more about the New Orleans RTA reports, plans, strategies and projects as we work to provide a world-class service to our riders.

Here you will find documentation of our approved fiscal budgets for recent years, underscoring the RTA's commitment to fiscal responsibility.


Here you will find a summary of our work in recent years, which includes our financial reports and major successes in serving our riders.



Here you will find some of our top-level planning efforts to provide a roadmap for the RTA to move forward in serving our riders.

The Strategic Mobility Plan (SMP) was created as a roadmap for improving public transit in our region over the next 20 years. The SMP serves as the outline by which the RTA will meet goals and measure its overall progress.

The RTA Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted the Strategic Mobility Plan on December 19, 2017, and then updated the Plan in 2023. The Plans and supporting materials are provided here.

Strategic Mobility Plan (2023)
Strategic Mobility Plan (2017)