Doing Business with Us

RTA strives to establish a level playing field for the various businesses that compete for the taxpayer dollars we spend. The RTA also works to ensure that the businesses and workforce building our regional transit system represent the demographics of our region.

Procurements and Contracts

Procurement and Contracts is RTA’s central channel through which public solicitations are issued and procurement contracts are awarded

Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise

Diversity, equity and inclusion makes us stronger, as individuals and as an organization. We are committed to creating equitable processes and outcomes across our region.

Employer Sponsored Transit Passes

If your company employs workers who use RTA buses and streetcars to get to their jobs, you can help them out by paying for their fares either in full or in part.

Advertise on RTA

Advertising on the RTA system is a great way to promote your business to a large portion of the New Orleans population.

Film and Music

At the RTA, we're proud to play our role in the “Hollywood South” phenomenon. Our streetcars, buses, and properties have appeared in many feature films, commercials, and photo shoots.

Streetcar Charters

Our streetcars are charming, attractive, and timeless, so it's no surprise that groups and individuals often wish to book them for private events.

Retail Pass Vendors

If you’re a retailer and would like to sell RTA Jazzy Passes in your store. Start here!