How to Pay

Learn about all the different types of fares and passes. Paying for your ride is easy on buses, streetcars, and even the ferries with the Le Pass app.



Priority Rider
(Age 5 - 12th Grade)
Single Ride Fare$1.25$0.40$0.50
Single-Ride Ferry Fare $2.00$1.00$1.00
Single-Ride Ferry:
Vehicle Driver
Single-Ride Ferry:
Vehicle Passenger
Single-Ride Ferry:
Driver plus Trailer
Single Ride Ferry:
Trailer Only
Regional Ride$6.00
1-Day Jazzy Pass$3.00$0.80$1.00
3-Day Jazzy Pass$8.00
7-Day Jazzy Pass$15.00
31-Day Jazzy Pass$45.00$14.00$18.00

Rider Eligibility 

Adult riders are those aged 19 to 64 years of age, or who do not otherwise match one of the categories below. 

Priority Rider is defined as any of the following: 

  • Any person over 65 years of age. 

  • Any person who is a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces 

  • Any person who qualifies as disabled through the following: (1) any person registered legally blind by the Commission for the Blind; (2) any person registered disabled by the Social Security Administration; (3) any person certified 100% disabled by the Veterans Administration; (4) any person qualifying as Temporarily Disabled or Disabled through RTA’s Paratransit Service Eligibility Criteria; (5) any person receiving Medicare with a Medicare Card.

Riders 65+ can qualify for a reduced rate by showing the driver a valid ID or passport. 

Riders who qualify under a different criterion must first apply with the RTA to receive a special ID card. Please be sure to bring proof of qualifying condition or Medicare card. When boarding, show this special ID card to the bus or streetcar driver to pay the discounted fare. 


Youth is defined as (1) any person under 19 years of age; or (2) any person who is a Kindergarten through Grade 12 student. 

Children under age 5 ride free with a fare-paying passenger. 

The individuals and members of groups listed below are eligible to ride RTA for free:  

  • Children five years of age and younger with a fare-paying passenger 

  • Uniformed and badged Law Enforcement Officers as defined by Louisiana Revised Statute 40:2402 

  • Uniformed and badged Fire Fighter as defined by Louisiana Revised Statute 39:1991(A) 

No cash? No problem.

Leave the change at home and pay using Le Pass app.