How to Pay

Learn about all the different types of fares and passes. Paying for your ride is easy on buses, streetcars, and even the ferries with the Le Pass app.

Change Policy

RTA does not provide change on the bus or streetcars. Passengers paying cash shall be provided with a “change card” usable on all RTA buses and streetcars in lieu of cash change. RTA does not provide change or change cards on the ferries.

Refund Policy

Other than the cases established below, sales of fares and pass products (including Promotional Fares) are non-refundable. Riders shall be eligible for a replacement fare under the following circumstances:

  • In the case of a major defect associated with any fare media. 

  • In the event that fare products are not delivered upon purchase for any reason.

  • In the case of exceptional, unexpected service suspensions. 

All fare refunds shall be processed through RTA’s Rideline customer service center. All refunds shall be made at the discretion of RTA for passes purchased within 90 days.