Current Projects

Algiers Ferry Terminal Renovation

The Algiers Ferry Terminal Renovation Project will result in an updated ferry terminal in Algiers Point that meets the needs of transit riders and ferry operators, and benefits the Algiers community. A project to replace the Algiers ferry barges will take place on a similar timeframe to improve operational reliability.

Starting in February 2024, this project will kick off with a visioning and design phase. During this phase, the RTA will be hosting listening sessions and reaching out to riders to develop a community-based vision for the the future ferry terminal. 

Original design drawing for the Algiers Ferry Terminal, 1978

The Algiers Point Ferry Terminal was built in the late 1970s and was designed to serve ferries that offered both pedestrian and vehicle boardings. When new pedestrian-only ferry boats were introduced to the Canal-Algiers route, passengers were able to board the ferry at the ground level. This rendered the building’s second story pedestrian boarding bridge unnecessary, and the terminal’s interior was no longer utilized. In 2019 and 2022, the RTA received federal funding to complete the renovation of this building, as well as complete repairs on a maintenance barge that supports the servicing of ferries.

This project will improve the boarding ramp, reimagine the pedestrian bridge, renovate the interior, and reopen the terminal as an amenity for riders, ferry administrator and operators, and the surrounding community. Traffic circulation around the site will also be revisited to support safer multi-modal movements around the terminal. The renovations will reflect needs described by riders, transit operators and community members.

The goal of the project activities is to modernize and renovate the ferry terminal building by adding a 2nd floor for office space, and converting the 1st floor to be an air-conditioned space that would be able to host a range of uses, including retail. 

Rider experience will be supported through improvements to the ramp currently being used for pedestrians, as well as the addition of shelters and other rider amenities to the building. The facility upgrades will also include improvements to the exterior of the site, such as stormwater management, landscaping and lighting. Access to the building and circulation around it will also be reviewed to better support accessibility, biking and walking along the levee path, and vehicular access to the site.

The project team will work closely with riders, ferry administrators and community members to ensure that the improvements are in line with their needs and priorities for the site. Public meetings will be scheduled in 2024 to request input and ideas for this renovation project.