Open Transit Data (OTD)

Access to Open Data - Real-Time Data Arrival Information

The Regional Transit Authority is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and efficient service to our riders. We are also committed to providing passengers with the information they need about our services, schedules, any delays or disruptions in service, and more.

The RTA has embarked on an exciting project to bring much improved real-time data to passengers by entering a procurement process to replace all of our GPS and vehicle locator systems with new technology, which will greatly improve the real-time location data from our vehicles. This will enable us to provide accurate real-time bus and streetcar arrival data to passengers. Until this technology upgrade is complete, the agency will be providing schedule data only on all official RTA applications and here on the RTA website.

The RTA Board of Commissioners has approved the dissemination of this vehicle real-time data to entrepreneurs and developers. Entrepreneurs and developers may request access to this data as soon as it becomes available by downloading the forms below and submitting the required information. Once the form is received and approved, you will be given a notification once the data is available and receive an access key to retrieve the data.

Open Source Static Data Feed

All users seeking access to static data must submit a completed Data License Agreement via My Account which can be accessed here. This agreement provides users with access to static GTFS data that includes, routes, schedules and other details associated with the transit system. Click here for more information on the GTFS specification.

Real-Time Data Feed

All users seeking access to real-time data must submit a completed and signed copy of the Data License Agreement to the RTA Information Technology department via e-mail at This agreement provides users with access to real time data for all active vehicles managed by the RTA. Click here to download a copy of this document.

Upon review and approval of the request, the user will be provided with a unique key and details for integrating with the real-time information provided by the system.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the RTA Information Technology department at