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Code of Conduct Policy

RTA is in the initial stages of developing an official Code of Conduct Policy for riders and employees. In this preliminary phase, our approach is to actively seek input from not only our ridership but also from RTA operators and transit-focused groups. This inclusive strategy is integral to ensuring that the eventual outcome is a comprehensive and thorough process. 

RTA envisions a Code of Conduct Policy that addresses:

  • Prohibited behavior 
  • Fare collection 
  • Smoking / eating / drinking 
  • Loitering on RTA system 
  • Disturbances 
  • Sanitation 
  • Mobility devices 
  • ADA-related policies including service animals


RTA has researched industry standards and best practices, local ordinances and state laws, to begin an initial outline.

RTA is gathering inital feedback from the community, which will be incorporated into the Draft Policy.

Community feedback is essential to this process. Riders are being invited to attend upcoming Riders Advisory Committee meetings and to answer the below survey to better inform RTA about their experiences using our transit system what kind of behaviors they have witnessed.

As of April 2024, the Code of Conduct survey has closed and the team is incorporating feedback into the draft policy.

The draft of the policy will be released. At this point, RTA will come back to the community for a more in-depth review and to share how we have incorporated what we heard. Eventually, a draft of the Code of Conduct Policy will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for consideration of adoption.




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