Strategic Mobility Plan

Updating the RTA’s Strategic Mobility Plan

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What is the Strategic Mobility Plan?

The RTA’s Strategic Mobility Plan (SMP) is a long range plan that provides direction and guidance for the agency. The SMP articulates the vision for the future of the RTA and reflects the priorities collected from the community through the SMP planning process. The initial SMP was developed through a yearlong planning process in 2017, formed through 4,500+ engagements with community members and stakeholders, which culminated in the adoption of the SMP in 2018.

Why update the Plan?

An essential aspect of any long-range plan is to periodically update the plan to reflect all the progress and changes that have occurred over the intervening years. The 2018 Strategic Plan incorporated the update process and called for one by 2022.

In these past five years, a lot has happened at the RTA and in the Greater New Orleans region, the county and even the global community. This update responds to the requirement to update the plan every 5 years and also makes the changes needed to keep the plan relevant to the present context of the agency.2018 SMP Planning Process

This update is not a comprehensive re-plan, but rather a refresh that draws on previously collected data and community input from the original 2018 plan and subsequent work done as part of the 2020 Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA). A comprehensive update is called for by 2028, at which point a full planning process will be undertaken to reform the SMP.

2018 SMP Engagements

Key Updates to the Plan

The main updates to the plan include:

  • Update the language of the top goals to align with public agency’s goals
  • Highlight main priorities for agency for the next five years
  • Provide status on the actions listed in the 2018 plan:
    • Retire actions that have been completed
    • Update language of actions that are ongoing or have shifted in scope
    • Keep actions that have not yet been started or completed

Read the Plan

Download the updated SMP report and actions here.