Hurricane Preparedness


City-Assisted Evacuation

The City of New Orleans has developed the City-Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP) to help people who cannot evacuate on their own.

Sign up for City-Assisted Evacuation 
For information on how to sign up for the City-Assisted Evacuation Plan, text NOLAREADY to 77295. 

Need special assistance? 
For information on special assistance during a City-Assisted Evacuation, call 311 or click here

During a City-Assisted Evacuation, you can use an Evacuspot to catch a ride to the Smoothie King Center. From here, you will be transported out of the city. Evacuspots are in various locations around the New Orleans area, and are represented by a large, steel statue of a waving man. Below is a digital map showing the locations of Evacuspots. 

Please note that Evacuspots are not general bus stops. They are utilized only during a mandatory evacuation to evacuate residents to the Smoothie King Center. 

A few Evacuspots are specifically designated for senior citizens and others who need special assistance during an evacuation.