Transit Accessibility

We believe that transit should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of services to make riding easier.

Accessibility Policies and Practices

RTA accessibility policies are in effect on all RTA buses, streetcars, ferries and facilities. In general, this includes the following:

  • Service animals fully under the control of their handlers are welcome at RTA.
  • Riders requiring wheelchairs must be secured onboard buses and streetcars. However, if we are unable to secure your mobility device and you still choose to ride on RTA buses or streetcars, you will be allowed to ride unsecured. Riders do not have to secure their mobility devices on ferries.
  • Personal care attendants (PCAs) assisting passengers with disabilities may ride free if the person they are assisting holds an RTA Reduced Fare card. The rider with a disability rides at the reduced fare cost and the PCA rides for free.
  • PCAs must get on and off the bus or train at the same time as the rider they are assisting in order to ride for free.

Reasonable modification to policy or practice

RTA does not intentionally discriminate against riders with disabilities. In situations when an existing policy or practice results in discrimination against a rider with a disability, RTA will make every effort to modify that policy or practice upon request to the maximum extent feasible. For example, it is our policy to pick up and drop off passengers at designated bus stops or stations. However, if it is not possible to deploy a ramp at a particular bus stop, the operator will adjust the position of the bus to another location on the block where the ramp can be deployed.

Reasonable modifications to policies and practices will not be made if doing so:

  • Changes the fundamental nature of our service (transportation).
  • Creates a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Modifications requested for the sake of convenience are beyond the scope of this policy. RTA is not required to make modifications to policies or practices that aren’t strictly necessary to provide access to our transportation services. However, we consider all requests for reasonable modification on a case-by-case basis and work with each rider to find solutions.

To request a reasonable modification or to learn more about this policy, contact 

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